Saturday Group Ride

Please visit our Public Facebook Group Bikeworks Group Rides for last minute ride updates, and possible gravel, mountain bike and or occasional road ride when weather permits. 

We have several group rides that leave from the plaza behind Bikeworks every Saturday morning, weather permitting. We park in the plaza lot to keep the limited bikeshop spaces clear but feel free to swing in after your ride to say hi. Summer start time is currently 8 am. There are different groups to accommodate differing abilities. Weekly A, B/B-ish, C level and a beginner group (12 – 15mph) to get new members comfortable with group riding and building power to join the C group (typically early season or as demand presents). All of the groups will follow the same route, though we will shorten the beginner ride. Route are typically 32 – 38 miles. We aim to return to the shop around 10. The A group will add a few additional miles toward the end of the loop to the shop. Beginner times may vary, so please use the contact form for additional information.

Essential Rules of Group Rides:

  • If you have Covid or Cold/Flu symptoms or have been exposed to a positive patient, please hold off on coming to the rides
  • Please don’t spit or do snot rockets while riding in the group. While we are riding as “Bikeworks” representatives please adhere to these requests & obey the rules of the road…
  • Using hand signal
  • Calling out approaching cars
  • Calling out road hazards
  • Staying single file when cars are passing
  • Adhere to proper and safe group riding techniques
  • Stop at STOP signs
  • Road bikes & Helmets required, tail lights recommended


A = 22+ mph for the experienced and well trained cyclist. This is a drop ride.

B & B-ish = 18-21 mph (We usually have two groups here, one for the high end and one for the moderate end) This group is mostly evenly paced.

C = 15-17 mph No-drop, regroups as needed

Beginner = 12 – 15mph – Focus on safe group ride techniques. Added intermittently. Join the email list for notifications.


After Memorial Day B and C rides

Here are our Saturday Routes we will ride starting on the Saturday after Memorial day. The start time after Memorial day for A and B and C ride will begin at 8am.

Summer Rotation

In June we moved to our summer rotation of rides which repeat each month. You can link to the 2022 routes below, Strava and Ride With GPS. 

  1. BW 1st Saturday 2022

  1. BW 2nd Saturday 2022

  1. BW 3rd Saturday 2022

  1. BW 4th Saturday 2022

  1. BW 5th Saturday 2022