So maybe you’ve enjoyed riding on your own and the occasional group ride, or you are relocating and looking to join a new group, you might be asking… Why join Swansea Velo Club? Well, aside from being a diverse group of cycling-loving athletes of various ages and abilities who go out of our way to welcome new riders and experienced racers, take a look at some of the bennies of joining SVC:

  • Access to private Swansea Velo Club Bikeworks racing Facebook page where we actively communicate:
    – Goings on within the club
    – Races we plan on doing together
    – Weekly rides that are happening & last minute changes (e.g. weather)
    – Planning special events and small rides
  • Access to purchase our Club kit.
  • Everyone loves discounts! 15% discount on merchandise excluding bikes, GoPro and Garmin at Bikeworks in Swansea.
  • Race reimbursement program: Like to race your bike, as a member of the race team you become eligible for a race entry reimbursement. One of the two requirements is you are wearing your current Bikeworks team kit which represents our current sponsors while racing.
  • Wicked fun stuff like: club-only events Annual Chili cook off, Annual Sausage ride, Race Road trips….