Bikeworks Kurt Schnabel Hammer Time Trial

This years Bikeworks TT starts Thursday July 8 at 6pm and run for 5 consecutive weeks. Here is what you need to know to get reg’d and ready to roll beforehand.

First – we will be using Strava for timing again this season, so you need to have a gps recording device and at least a Free Strava account. And you will also need to join the Strava Group “Bikeworks TT 2020”. (See pic for screen shot of the group)
When you ride the course on the designated day and time, we’ll pull your information from the group to be compiled in the results each week.

2nd – the total cost for the full 5 weeks is just $20 paid through Venmo (see scan code pic) or PayPal at
Yes you can pay weekly $5 if you wish but please do it ahead of time electronically, because we may not have a representative there to collect cash and make change each night.

Finally – you will need a bike, a helmet and rear blinking light, everything else is Superflous.
We will have more details regarding the course, nightly process, raffle and categories as we get closer, but please read the above carefully and get ready to go.