Tour of the Southern Highlands


Bikeworks Racing season is officially underway. First race, first podium. 
Tour of the Southern Highlands Masters 40+, 2nd Place. 

After having what looked like an ideal situation for a breakaway rider, small field, going into the circuit race on Saturday, promoters announced they’d be combining the Men’s 2/3 field with the Masters 40+. But that didn’t keep our boy Tiney from getting into a breakaway and placing 4th on the stage. Unfortunately he lost considerable time to the one 40+ guy that managed to sneak into the lead (Cat2) breakaway group up the road. So he took a page out of Austin Hevey’s play book (GMSR 2019) going into Sunday, ‘Just go out and smash it!…like, oh my god!’ taking the KOM and second place in the road race, for the second step on the podium overall. 
And doesn’t he look sleek in his 24 Auto Group / Bikeworks Racing skin suit and Anchored Heart podium cap?!?
Yeah, we think so too.